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[service_horizontal_nd color=”blue” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius” cuticon=”1″ title=”Our guests” description=”For us, for OlaSpain, there is only one thing which is more important than everything: The hapinness of our guests..Either you visit Spain in big groups or you visit by yourself, we as Olaspain attend and take care about our each guest, make them live a perfect experience and never leave them alone. Make them feel whenever they need, we are besides. ” icon=”icon-diamond”]
[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Partner of Arcelik (Eskisehir)” description=”Businessman Metin Torun and his friend selected OlaSpain for their Sitges tour and we also tried local Spanish foods.”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Mr. Soysal and His Wife” description=”Just in the beginning of summer, we had a great trip with Mr.Soysal and his wife in Barcelona. (07.06.2016)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Mayor of Bursa Yıldırım City & His Family” description=”Our Alicante – Valencia – Barcelona trip with Mayor of Bursa / Yıldırım city and his family (11.07.2016 – 18.07.2016)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Sibel Tekin & Her Family” description=”We had great moments with Sibel Tekin & her family, amazing Barcelona tour and Sitges sailing tour. (06.07.2016 – 11.07.2016)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Evren Akıllı Family & Friends” description=”We had unforgettable Barcelona – Madrid tour with Evren Akıllı Family and his friends. (02.07.2016 – 09.07.2016)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Mr. Baki and His Family” description=”We had an amazing & lovely and hot Sitges tour with Mr. Baki and his lovely family. (07.07.2016)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Barcelona Coastal Stript Inspection” description=”With the Governor of Bursa (Turkey) and with the mayor, we inspected the coast of Barcelona by helicopter (12.06.2014 – 13.06.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”İzmir- Foça Folk Dancing Group” description=”İzmir Foça (Turkey) happy moments in Montjuik, guiding happily in Barcelona…(17.07.2014 – 18.07.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Anar Tourism Spain-Portugal Group ” description=”With our guest in fronf of Sagrada Familia and happy memories in a lovey summer day. (31.07.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Our guests from Baku” description=”Azerbaijan Baku, our guests, discovering Barcelona with our guidance…(19.08.2014 – 23.08.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Idee Travel Barcelona ” description=”Lovely day in Barcelona , our guests are enjoying Barcelona with our guidance. (27.08.2014 – 01.09.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”FIBA 2014 Setur – Olaspain” description=”Guidance of OlaSpain – Setur corporation, this time our guests from America.. We are in Camp Nou excited for FIBA 2014 matches…”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Siren Çarmıklı and Yonca & Murat Turel” description=”“Siren Ertan İSTANBUL” the founder Siren Ertan Çarmıklı – World Petro-Chem Holding CEO Murat Turel, his family”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Hakan Alakuş – OlaSpain ” description=”“Carlson Rezidor” Hotel Sales Director Hakan Alakuş and with his family in Barceloneta beach. (09.10.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Selçuk University Professors ” description=”We are with the profesors from Konya Selçuk University (Turkey) and also having nice time in Sitges (22.10.2014 – 26.10.2014)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Hande & İhsan couple and his friends” description=”Hande&İhsan,they decided to get married in Barcelona and then in our guidance having their wedding , unforgettable moments…”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Fahrettin Göllü, with his family Barcelona” description=”Fahrettin Göllü and his family “Barcelona nicer in November ” with our guidance they enjoyed the city more…”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Hülya & Bülent Özesen Family and Friends” description=”For one week, the best and unforgettable moments with our guidance…(12-15.12.2014 Madrid & 15-18.12.2014 Barcelona & Girona)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Mayors and Governosrs from Turkey ” description=”By the sponsor of ” Karacadağ Kalkınma” Madrid-Zaragoza-Sevilla-Cordoba-Granada-Malaga visiting companies and guidance…”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Bodrum Voyage Torba & Private Hotel” description=”Bodrum Voyage Torba & Private Hotel General Manager Öztürk and the team of the otel having good times in Barcelona…”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=” Madrid – Barcelona Tour” description=”Students get to know better the architecture of Madrid and Barcelona by our guidance, productive moments in few days…”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Our guests from İzmit” description=”Welcomig our guests from İzmit -even if heavy rain- enjoyable moments and memories in Barcelona… (18.01.2015 – 21.01.2015)”]

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[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Çorum (Turkey) Chamber of Commerce” description=”Çorum Chamber of Commerce in the fair Cevisama, with nice cooperation brick& roof tile factories visit, also productive moments..”]

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